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Promoting Safety and Harmony on Shared Trails

Saturday, May 06, 2023 12:25 PM | Kevin Korenthal (Administrator)

Shared trails offer a perfect escape into nature, providing opportunities for exercise and recreation. However, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all trail users requires responsible behavior and adherence to certain guidelines. In this opinion column, I want to emphasize two essential aspects: staying to the right side of the trail and keeping our furry friends leashed. By following these practices, we can create a safer and more harmonious environment for everyone to enjoy.

First and foremost, staying to the right side of the trail is not just a matter of etiquette; it's a crucial safety measure. Imagine a bustling trail with cyclists, runners, walkers, and skateboarders. Now, envision the chaos that could arise if everyone meandered aimlessly, disregarding their surroundings. Staying to the right side ensures a smooth flow of traffic, allowing faster-moving individuals like cyclists and skateboarders to pass safely on the left. It prevents unexpected encounters and enables better communication, making the trail experience more enjoyable for all.

Moreover, encouraging children to imagine an imaginary line down the middle of the trail can be an effective way to teach them trail safety. By envisioning this line and reminding them to stay to the right side of it, we instill good habits and promote a sense of responsibility. Not only does this practice enhance their own safety, but it also cultivates an understanding of the importance of sharing spaces and considering others.

Now let's turn our attention to our beloved four-legged companions. Dogs bring joy to our lives, and many of us enjoy taking them on outdoor adventures. However, it is essential to keep them leashed while on shared trails. Some might argue that their dogs are well-behaved and pose no threat, but the truth is, we cannot predict how other trail users will react or if their dogs will react to ours. By keeping our dogs leashed, we demonstrate respect for others and prioritize their comfort and safety.

Unleashed dogs can create unpredictable situations. They might approach other trail users, causing fear or anxiety, or even lead to accidents and conflicts. Additionally, not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and some may have previous negative experiences. By keeping our dogs leashed, we create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all trail users, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their outdoor experience without unnecessary concerns.

Furthermore, leashing our dogs also protects the local wildlife and preserves the natural balance of the trail ecosystem. Even the friendliest and most obedient dogs can have a strong instinct to chase wildlife or disrupt the environment. By keeping them on a leash, we minimize their impact on the surrounding flora and fauna, maintaining the integrity of the trail for future generations to enjoy.

In conclusion, promoting safety and harmony on shared trails is a collective responsibility. By staying to the right side of the trail and keeping our dogs leashed, we contribute to a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. Let's foster a culture of responsibility and consideration, where we prioritize the well-being and enjoyment of all trail users. Together, we can create a haven where nature enthusiasts of all kinds can revel in the beauty of our shared outdoor spaces.

Kevin D. Korenthal, CAE is the executive director of the National Association of Park Foundations and secretary of his local park foundation in McKinney Texas where he resides with his wife, Christine (featured in photo), 2 adult children, Dominick & Delanie and dog, Ponder (also featured in photo).

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