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NAPF Announces Strategic Partnership w/ Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 1:41 PM | Kevin Korenthal (Administrator)

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness started from the desire to bring no-cost exercise opportunities to public spaces with the goal that they be enjoyed by all, regardless of physical ability or fitness experience.

The NAPF sought a strategic partnership with Greenfields Outdoor Fitness because our association recognizes the importance of physical activity and seeks to promote products and services that open physical activity opportunities to all who seek it. We're especially interested in Greenfields' line of outdoor gym equipment for disabled and differently-abled people.

Let's learn more about Greenfields Outdoor Fitness and their products.

Sam Mendelsohn, president, and CEO, has a passion for both fitness and the outdoors, and saw in outdoor gyms a way to help people overcome obstacles to leading healthier lives.

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness is headquartered in Orange County, California, with a distribution network all over North America and installations stretching all the way to Australia.

Greenfields’ initial product line, now known as the Legacy Series, was designed to provide the public with not only the means but also the motivation to exercise. To that end, it was designed to be intuitive to use, thereby helping users overcome intimidation. In addition, most units feature a multi-user design, allowing several individuals to exercise together and thus increasing enjoyment and motivation.

To expand exercise options available to those with disabilities, Greenfields developed the patented Signature Accessible line (U.S. Patent 9,079,069 and 11,130,039). The unique design provides those with mobility impairments the opportunity to exercise not just in the same area but on the very same units as others. A second innovation was the Professional Series, featuring a mechanism allowing users to adjust the resistance to their ability level. These two lines were subsequently combined; after consultation with U.S. Paralympian Jen French, Greenfields debuted several new wheelchair accessible units with adjustable resistance. Greenfields now offers 10 separate exercises for those using wheelchairs.

Responding to the strong functional fitness trend and desiring to provide more activities to advanced users, Greenfields then developed the Functional Fitness line, which expanded over the next few years from a few simple fitness rigs to the current product line including kettlebells, suspension training apparatuses, and much more – all designed to weather the outdoor environment. Greenfields’ Functional Fitness units are highly customizable and ensure that all projects receive the perfect solution for their unique goals.

Most recently, Greenfields’ innovative X-Treme Ninja Courses have brought the excitement and competitive spirit of ninja training to public spaces. The X-Treme Ninja Courses successfully bridge the gap between play and fitness, offering an experience that’s supremely challenging yet reminiscent of a playground.

Greenfields is also proud to support the U.S. military with a specially designed Military Line, which today is used by all five branches of the Armed Forces on military bases worldwide.

Greenfields’ strength lies in its ability to create fitness areas customized to the unique needs of each individual project. Knowing that a gym is not a one-size-fits-all amenity, our team takes the time to design exercise areas with each specific community in mind. This results in inclusive, multigenerational fitness areas that can be enjoyed by teens, adults, and seniors together. For those new to the outdoor fitness experience, the Greenfields App provides video tutorials for exercises available on each unit and allow users to search for gyms, design workouts, and track their progress.

Over the years, Greenfields has partnered with many park foundations nationwide to help them advance toward their goals, and in so doing, we have gained knowledge and understanding of the challenges that park foundations face. We bring this experience to this partnership and are ready to support NAPF members with complimentary gym design services and multiple national purchasing contracts.

Let us help you create an outdoor gym designed just for your community! For more information or to start your own project, reach out to us by phone at 888-315-9037 or email

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